What to Expect: FAQs

What precautions are you taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

When the restaurant is open indoor seating is limited due to COVID-19 precautions. We look forward to getting your favorite table back soon! We have expanded our outdoor capacity so everyone can dine and drink at a safe distance, while enjoying one of Southern Oregon’s premier outdoor venues. (No outside food or beverages).

To further shut this virus down, we have initiated a low-contact environment. Whenever possible, please order and pay online. You can pick up your food at the entrance to the restaurant, and your beverages at the bar. Bring your ID! When you are finished, please bus your own tray, scraping food scraps and tossing recyclables into the correct containers. Hey, this was how you did it in camp as a kid, so we know you can do it again! Help us. Help the planet!

What are the Campus House Rules?

We love having you on our property, but please abide by our simple house rules:

  • Please, no offsite food or beverage. We have ample options for you to purchase! Purchased alcoholic beverages can be consumed responsibly anywhere on our property, by legal aged patrons only.
  • DOGS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY!!!! Please clean up their mess, and put it in the trash.
After we pick up our food, do we need to leave, or can we stay on Campus?

Please stay and play! Restaurant patrons are welcome to find seating anywhere they feel comfortable. We have picnic style tables throughout the 7-acre Campus. You can also rent clubs to play a round of miniature golf or challenge your friends to a game of Bocce ball!

Can I take my alcoholic beverage with me to the tables set up around Campus?

Yes, sit and sip! The entire property is licensed for alcohol consumption. We have installed security cameras to assist us with monitoring unacceptable behaviors, most importantly underage drinking. Please remember, no open beverages can leave the property.

Is Bigham Knoll Crossing Environmentally Sustainable?

Help us and help the planet. Bigham Knoll Crossing is working towards being zero-waste certified. We thank you for your support in our efforts to leave as little impact on the earth as possible.

  • You will find three types of bins on our campus: trash, food waste, and food containers.
  • Please bus your own tray by scraping the food into the food waste bin and the containers in the recycle bin.
  • We will compost, re-use, and recycle at every opportunity.
Where do you source your produce?

We love organic! We love local! Whenever possible, we utilize both. We grow many of our own vegetables and herbs both on Campus and nearby and buy local produce from the abundance found in the Rogue Valley farming community.

What is October-feast month?

Prost! German heritage is the backbone of our historic town. We will be honoring the month-long celebration known as Oktoberfest from September 25-October 25, 2020. Schnitzels and all of Frau Kemmling’ s trimmings…Stein Club specials, our famous blue and white plates and napkins, and of course lots of German Biers!